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Corporate Narration

Storytelling is key to compelling corporate and industrial videos. Engage your audience with a voice over that weaves the story of your company’s brand in presentations, explainer videos, promotions, and more. In addition to her voice acting skills, Alex has a background in business journalism, lending her voice overs an additional level of authenticity.


Employee training and onboarding modules, video tutorials, audio/visual educational materials are just some of the resources that require the nuanced talent of a voice actor like Alex. As a former English as a Second Language teacher, she knows how to keep an audience interested while understanding the materials presented. 

Real Estate

Offer a visual and audio presentation of your most premium properties. This is a game changer in the highly competitive real estate market. Provide an emotional connection for your clients. A voiceover helps highlight the points of a property you cannot convey adequately in a simple listing.


Any genre and any length. Audiobook sales have exploded over the years. Book buyers now expect an audiobook option. Alex recently narrated a compelling and emotional memoir called “Fighting Chance” now available on Audible. 

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